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Rainbow Bridge Quilt

I want to tell you alittle bit about this set.
This webset was made by a lady of a SPG group
(way back when, when groups were in. It was called "Surviving Pet Group"
For Pet Owners who had lost pets)
This wonderful lady has since passed away,
her name was DeeBee

I have used the set with the other quilts
but substitued my own images as welcome images

This image was made by DeeBee for my precious cat, Oscar

This Quilt is where we will put our loving and beautiful Furbabies
that have passed over the Rainbow Bridge and lovingly wait there
for us to join them there.
Believe me it is a hard thing to lose many as most know
but they touch your heart in so many ways and they love
unconditionally that you would do it again
And we do
So please send me
your photos of your furbabies and I will lovingly post them here

Mind you, the first 13 pets are mine, including the pet, my Dad is holding,
And my father has also passed, in 2001, so be mindful of those you love and let them know
Some pictures that you see below that don't have any frames, but will be getting them.
I just wanted to get them up, so the people know their pets are important to us.
I will have their pets in frames with their names on them, in due time.
Please have patience, thank you.
Please send your beloved furbabies in so we can place them with the others.
Here in loving Memory of their lives and what they meant to us.

And now I add my beloved Scooter who I had to send over the Rainbow Bridge with my blessing
She was 14 1/2years old (6/24/2019) and had seen me through a lot, and for that I thank her
She was a blessing to me
So I now have 14 beloved pets waiting for me over the Rainbow Bridge
Wait for me there my beloved pets, time is but a whisper in space.
The little white face you see after Shiloh, is my little MamaCat,
She was a rescue that we brought in over 8 years ago, along with
her 3 kittens, which have wonderful homes, thank God.
My belief, is she was a dump, she was somewhat humanized, but had been out
for some time, so no one really knew how old she really was.

She was a beautiful kitty but in her last days I did not want to see
her suffer, so I took her to the vet and let her go back
where she came from, back to God.
She can wait for me back over the Rainbow Bridge.

December of 2020, I lost my beautiful snow bengal, Haku, he is the one after MamaKat.
To a blood Clot he threw down his spine and paralyzed his rear end,
He was only 10, but he was the only bengal that had made it that far in life
I had been blessed to have him in my life
He was confused, I took him to the vet, the person, I trust with my animals
I knew in my heart there was nothing they could do,
But I needed to know that
I was heartbroken to have to say "good-bye" to this little man,
Who I had come to love so much, he didn't start out that way,
But he sure had ended up very loving and bouncy
I miss all my furbabies, they were and are the main-stay of my life
Without pets in my life I would be lost
No matter how yeowlly or chatty they want to be
Eventually they will wind up snuggling with you
And that's all that matters
And their love is uncondtional

Today I had to take in our Big Boy, Tiger
He had been suffering with some sort of breathing problems
And it just appeared to be getting worse
And he just wasn't his old self anymore
He wasn't doing the things that he used to do
So on that note I took him in at the very beginning of it
And did all the bloodwork and stuff
Got told he was anemic and had some fluid around his lungs
Tried a bunch of different things
But when their moods and things change
Then I truly believe it is too late
But I gave a "good old college try"
Hell we had had him since he was a kitten,
And he was 14 1/2 when we had to put him down
But lots of wonderful memories, and ONE BIG LOVING BOY
Who will be missed so very much.

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