Welcome To Campfire Mascot
Website Competition!

Welcome to Campfire Mascots, this is the Pets Team here
at Merlin's Castle I hope you enjoy your stay here
for as long as you are here.
There are a few Rules that must be abided by just
as there are in most competitions.
So we hope you pay attention to them and then just Have fun!!!!!!

Hi my name is NyteFury, your TL for Campfire Mascots
if you have any problems please let me know,
or your ATL, SirSam.

Our hope is you have fun while you are
this is a fun place for your pets and we hope for you.

So enjoy it and have fun

The RULES are Listed BELOW PLEASE READ them and they are listed for each level.
So please check out the Roster or OSVP page for the Rules for each level.
So be aware of them, they will be upheld, have fun and go and win for the Mascots.

Firstly and foremost
You are allowed to enter up to 5-8 PETS at a time into this competition.

Secondly and Just as important for your advancement

You MUST self vote
At least 3 days during the week in order to advance or no less than 2 days to remain at a level.

If you do NOT vote for a Week your Pet will be SUSPENDED.

And you will be send an email asking why
If you do NOT respond and continue
to NOT vote.

Your Pet will be REMOVED from competition

If you find yourself in a position where you are
unable to spend the time to VOTE-
Please put yourself on LOA or ELOA and don't put us through putting
your pet on Suspension or removing them from competition.
You are their owner, be responsible.


Abby's ShootingStar **

Is named for my little girl that I lost

All fighters who self vote at least 3 days will advance.
Everyone else stays here. :)
Until you have moved up to the next level.
Please remember to vote everyday for your pet.
If you do not vote for your pet for 2 weeks your pet will be suspended.

Peanut's Eternal Flame**

Is named for my baby bengal

Top 3 fighters who self vote at least 3 days will move up to Wyakin's Spirit.
You have 2 weeks at this level to move up
if you vote less than 3X or don't vote at all,
you move back to Peanut's Eternal Flame.
If you do not vote for your pet for 2 weeks your pet will be suspended.

Wyakin's Spirit**

Is named for my 9 yr old bengal, Wyakin that
I recently had to put down unexpectedly
He died 3/17/2017

Top 2 fighters who self vote at least 3 days
will move up to

Tiger's Fire**.

This is named for My Big Boy, Tiger, who we just had to put down,
beginning of Jan. 2022, He was 15yo.


**Tiger's Fire**

**First Place winner will stay to defend their win for 2 more weeks,
all others will return to Peanuts Eternal Flame to try again.**

**In the event of a tie both pets or all who tie will remain to defend their title.**

** You must win 3 weeks in a row, to be recognized as
"Aleid's Triple CuddlyFurry Award" winner.
All others will return to Peanuts Eternal Flame.
To begin the quest again for the
Campfire Mascots Championship .**

**At the end of the competition year all of the
"Aleid's Triple CuddlyFurry Award" Winners,

will compete in Oscar's Memorial Pets Championship (SOTY).
The winner will receive a special award to acknowledge the achievement.**

Please remember you must vote at least 3 days a week for your pet
If you do not vote for your pet for 2 weeks your pet will be suspended
Good Luck!

The Championship is Named in memory of Oscar

Good Luck!

These are the RULES they will be carried out, so please pay attention
That is all we ask.
Nothing more, nothing less
If you have any questions please contact us.

"In Memory of Peanut"

Please meet your Campfire Mascot "Mascot"
Matsi"sweet and Brave" Peanut, my baby one eyed bengal.
In Memory Of Peanut
You will be sorely missed

If you are thinking of joining us, Please go to
the RULES page to see what we ask of you.

If you have any questions or comments, please send us a note.
We are here to help you in whatever way we can.

Thank you and good luck!

And we Want to Wish You all many Blessings !!



May 3-6, 2023

:: 2023 CM Winner (1st Place Winners)::

(2nd Place Winners)

(3rd Place Winner)

(Join Us!)

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