Merlin's Castle Main Teams

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We have 2 Main Team

Dragon Riders and Pegasus Mythical Realms

If you make it through and make it to the Holy Grail
you will find it here also,
This is the SOTY, where the best of the best
compete for the crown

Then we have the Semi-Final/Finals Levels

where you compete for your chance to become the Sword of Excaliber winner
That determines who goes to the Holy Grail
at the end of the year

Campfire Mascots
is our Pets Team. We also have a Championship hopefully
around the same time as the SOTY
So we have both Championships running

We wish you much success on as you compete here at Merlin's Castle,
and hope to see you soon at the Quest For The Holy Grail!

Good Luck!

NyteFury and Lady NyteShay'd
and the entire Merlin's Castle Staff

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