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We have 2 Main Team

Chasseurs d'Ombres
(Shadow Hunters)
and Dragon Riders
I wanted to make a few changes
So with a certain person's help I pulled something different
out of my head this time.
I hope you like what you see

Everyone who was on Enchantress will be on Shadow Hunters now
when we return in October.
Please check it out and I hope you like what you see, thank you.

If you make it through your Team levels

Then you go to the Semi-Final/Finals Levels

where you compete for your chance to become the Sword of Excaliber winner
That determines who goes to the Holy Grail
at the end of the year

This is the SOTY, where the best of the best
compete for the crown

Campfire Mascots
is our Pets Team. We also have a Championship
the same time as the SOTY
So we have both Championships running

Yuletide Memories
So I would love to invite anyone with or without a Christmas themed site
to please join us there.
After all shouldn't Christmas live in our hearts
all year long.
Yuletide Memories, had Three Wisemen Champs similar to Sword of Excaliber
who then compete in the Hallelujah Chorus Championship at the
time with the others.

So we all wrap up around the same time

We wish you much success on as you compete here at Merlin's Castle,
and hope to see you soon at the Quest For The Holy Grail!

Good Luck!

and the entire Merlin's Castle Staff

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