Welcome To Merlin's Castle Website Competition!!!

Merlin's Castle Staff!

This page is about our Staff, they are the heartbeat behind the competition.
They do the dirty work and keep everyone in line so give them a hand and
let them know how much you appreciate them.

Thank you!

NyteFury and Guinevere And SirSam and come Fall 2018
someone new to take over Yuletide Memories. (Welcome To Merlin's Castle!!)

NyteFury aka Spirit
Founder, owner, webset and web designer, and all around nut. :-)
Sir Sam and Guinevere
Enchanteur D'Animaux
Dragon Riders
Pets Team-Campfire Mascots
Upper Levels
(Due to Medical issues-our TL Sam will be out for a while)
But we are so Lucky to have a wonderful and dear friend
to step in and take over
LadyStarMyst, many of you know her from DO.
Quest-Grand Champion (our SOTY)
TL Guinevere
Pets Championship (Pets POTY)
Yuletide Memories & Yuletide SOTY
TL-Lady Aurora/ATL-LadyStarMyst
If you are interested in joining our staff
If you are willing to commit we could use some good ATL's
who know what they are doing and willing to commit to being on board and doing the awards.

Please let us know, thank you.

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