Welcome To Merlin's Castle Website Competition!!!

Merlin's Castle Rules!

Our rules are simple. Follow them and all will be well.
We are a VE (Vote Exchange) competition, so you can post your links in reminders,
on VE boards, or anywhere/how you get the word out to your supporters.

Before you begin competing, we will need 2 buttons for your site,
1 sized 150W by 75H and 1 sized 100W x 100H.
Please send the button to either NyteFury, Guinevere or SirSam.

Thank you and Good Luck!


Rule #1
You are allowed to enter all of your sites in the whole competition.
split them between our 2 main teams, Enchantress and ShadowHunters
You can also put your Christmas sites on Yuletide

Rule #2
Voting IS mandatory.
You must vote AT LEAST 3X a week in order to advance,
Anything less or NO Vote YOU Will remain where you are.
If you do NOT vote for a week you will be suspended and contacted to find out why
If there is no response, your site or your pet will be removed from competition
You, personally are allowed to vote 2 times per day, per IP address.
You will be notified by your team leader if you fail to vote the required number of days during the week..

Rule #3
This is a very simple competition, there is No cheering, incentives or newsletters to deal with.
Your TL will update you and alert you when needed through Team email so please be aware of that.

Rule #4
Closings will be in calendar form(come the beginning of the year) you can find them
on our links in the Main Merlin Castle Links

Rule #5
DO NOT attempt to contact your TL if you are behind, she is not responsible for this,
she only counts what comes in,

Rule #6
If you decide to join Campfire Mascots, our Pets Team, you may enter up to 7-8 pets.
But you Must vote for them do not abandon them here and NOT vote for them.

Rule #7
No Harassment!!
Show respect for our competition and others. Treat everyone here like you want to be treated!
In a case of Harassment to either a staff member
or competitor the punishment will be

1) 1st offense will be 1 week Suspension

2) 2nd offense will be Removal from Team.

3) 3rd offense is 3 strikes and YOU are OUT!!!!!
which means you are totally removed from Merlin's Castle competition

Rule #8
If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please let us know, we will do our best to answer them
Communication is one of our best assets.

Rule #9
PLEASE remember, the TL's and ATL's and all staff ARE PEOPLE, and real life does take first place at times.
Be patient, please.

Rule #10
Your site must be accessible to everyone. No "members only" or password protected sites.
We need to be able to see your site to approve it and others need to see your site to vote for it. :)

Rule #11
Your site must have merit, should not be made purely of links, or banners,and not be a one page wonder.

Rule #12
No Adult Material.
If you have quesitons please email Guinevere or SirSam
or Nightstalker,one of them will take a look at your website.
No pornographic sites or links to pornographic sites.

Rule #13
No bandwidth stealing from us or other sites.
Permission must be obtained from webmaster before hotlinking an image.
If you are found to be doing this, you will be asked to fix the problem. If you are unable to do this, you will be removed.

Rule #14
Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay with us and we wish you all the best of LUCK!!

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