Welcome To Merlin's Castle Website Competition!!!

This is a VE competition so you may post on VE boards, in your reminder emails,
or wherever you normally post your other links to be voted for.
We want you to have fun here.

So come and join us and bring your friends and your Pets also, but please see our Rules
before you join to be sure you understand them.

Have fun and we look forward to having you here.
This is a family friendly competition.

If this sounds like fun, then just click the join button below.
We would love to have your site with us!

Calendar of Closings

Can be found in the Links below,
so please pay attention to the dates
that are in RED, those are the dates MC will be closed

This is a challenge to all of our Members

Challenge #1
My challenge to you is if you know of anyone who has pets
invite them to join us here at Campfire Mascots in September,
you will earn 10 points for everyone who joins us.
Make sure they let us know know who referred them.
Or if you have more pets you wish to enter to bring your pets up to 5 you will earn 10 points/pet.
Those who already have 5 pets entered can not take them out and put new in.

Challenge #2
You will also earn 20 points for anyone you know with a regular site who joins our DragonRider Team,
this is ongoing you can invite as many people as you wish,
you will get 20 points each person.but they must join for you to get the points.
Make sure they let us know who referred them.

Challenge #3
You will also earn 10 points/site if you join with any
of your sites at DragonRider Team you may bring in enough
to have a total of 4 sites on the team. This is only until you hit your 4 sites.
These are challenges to those of you who are up for them,
I am looking forward to seeing what you have,
I know many of you have some wonderful sites,
and would love to see them here,
so think about which ones you would like to bring onboard,
we would love to have them.
Also let your friends know we'd love to have them and their sites here with us.
So use our invite graphics to invite them

Happy Fall to all Our Fighters, Go Merlin's Castle!!!!


Also please visit our Sister and related competition sites

Thank you and Good Luck!


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